Move for Mental Health

Come adventure with us and The Movement Room as we hike from lighthouse to lighthouse, along stunning coastal landscape from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin, to raise awareness for mamas who are struggling emotionally with post natal depression/anxiety. Allowing each hiker with the opportunity to experience and explore how movement/exercise can be a powerful coping strategy in the journey to recovery.


All funds raised will be donated to The Gidget Foundation who is doing amazing work, creating change and impacting those mamas that need it most.

Hike for yourself or hike in the place of someone that you know has or is struggling with depression/anxiety.

In registering as a “Move for Mental Health” hiker we ask that you commit to raising at least $500 in sponsorship (hopefully more!) from friends, family, colleagues and maybe those who want to be a part of creating change in your networks. For more information on sponsorship and fundraising contact Kylianne on

Science Proves There is Happiness in Hiking!

Recently a lot of evidence has surfaced explaining the science behind how walking in nature can actually change our brains for the better! A dynamic community of writers cooperatively known as Collective Evolution have recently published an article that went viral through social media outlet Facebook expanding on several functional reasons we should all be hiking more often!

Walking along the stunning Cape to Cape Track north of Smith's Beach

We’ve all had an inkling for quite some time that hiking is good for our body, mind and soul but science is now uncovering that while hiking we are actually altering brains for the better! Stopping negative and obsessive thoughts is only the start in the list of mental health benefits associated with walking in nature. We can also boost our creative abilities by disconnecting from technology while hiking. That’s write everyone, leave your smart phones at home!

Pure Joy out on the Track!

At Cape to Cape Explorer Tours we have endless options available for you to experience one of the most spectacular long distance coastal hikes in the world! We can’t think of a better way for you to boost your brain power than here in the southwest. Have a browse through our self-guided and guided options to see what you can pencil in for your next holiday!

Happy Walker Spreads Rays of Inspirational Light on Track

Terra Lalirra, depression awareness walker, joined us this week on a Camping End-to-Ender for sunset and caving as part of her journey around Oz.

Whilst Ms Lalirra says she hasn’t been walking long with ‘The Happy Walk’ starting on September 10th 2012, she has actually been long distance walking for her health for over a decade and will be walking for almost another decade in her plight to aid her cause.

“I am walking around Australia for 7 years for Lifeline and Depression Awareness and Suicide Prevention,” she said. “I have walked around Tasmania and just begun walking from Perth to Melbourne which should take 8-15 months.”

The path has not always been a joyful one for this Happy Walker so creating awareness and raising money is close to her heart.

“I would like to raise one million dollars for Lifeline over a 7 year period but also as I walk I chat with people about their experiences and my experiences and hand out little cards to recognise depression.”

“(The best part of the trip) is the  natural surroundings I have walked through and the characters that I  meet. People pull over just anywhere on the side of the road, come and give me a big hug and share they own experiences with Lifeline  … it’s inspiring and keeps me going.”

“I get a lot of time to think and to experience my surroundings in every sense. I get to smell and taste and feel everything that drivers miss,” she said.

Gene Hardy, Managing Director of CCET, believes that long distant walking is beneficial for the soul and the mind.

“It’s interesting as some of our walkers say that long distance walking can have transformational effects like long term effects on your positive well being.

“It gives you time to reflect and relax and, if you are walking with your partner, catch up with them.”

Terra Lalirra uses walking as therapy to stay mentally healthy and hopes to raise awareness about depression and suicide prevention.

If you would like to join us on a walk please contact us here… E: M:0459 452 038 or here for more info…

Sunset Track, Forest and Cave Explorer Tour or Camping End-to-Ender

If you would like to read about Ms Lalirra or help her on ‘The Happy Walk’ please go here… The Happy Walk

If you are feeling down and need some help please go here… Lifeline or call the crisis line 13 11 14.