West Coast Swimming Club joins us for performance camp!

Up and coming athletes from the UWA West Coast Swimming Club made their way down to Margaret River for a ‘Performance Camp’ to welcome in the new year. In the pool at the Margaret River Recreation Centre and out on the Cape to Cape Track, everyone had a great time focussing on their skills and immersing themselves in the elements.

West Coast Swimming Club

Day 1 – Walking out of Smiths Beach.

After a training session in the pool, the first day out on the Track saw these young fish out of water walking from Smiths Beach to Injidup! The team took a dip in the ocean and enjoyed a little snorkel at The Aquarium to cool off.

Snorkling at the Aquarium

Cooling off and enjoying a snorkel at the Aquarium

The following day was spent at the beautiful coastal hamlet of Gracetown where these kids completed a variety of team building challenges. From Spider’s Web, to Leonardo’s Bridge, to Raft Building, the group excelled through the activities by maximising communication and assigning competent leaders.

Launching the raft in Gracetown

Launching their competed raft into the bay at Gracetown

It was a really rewarding day for the kids and gave them the opportunity to get out of the pool and reconnect with nature together, whilst having to think on their feet.

Spiders Web

Spiders Web in action!

A great time was had by everyone involved! Well down to all the swimmers and we hope to see them back next year to take on some more of the Cape to Cape Track and continue developing their leadership and team work skills!!!

Leonardos Bridge

The team successfully constructed Leonardo’s Bridge

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Year One’s from Margaret River Independent School take on the Track!

The students from the Margaret River Independent School are always so much fun to take out exploring on the Cape to Cape Track! These local kids spend their days learning in small classes in a beautiful bush setting about 10kms south of Margaret River. The schools vision is to provide an environment that caters for the whole child in development of lifetime learning skills as well as academic and creative excellence. This year, the year one students joined our managing director Gene for an overnight camp full of leadership and team building activities.

Gene chatting to the kids out on the Track.

Gene with the Year 1 students from Margaret River Independent School

We are always impressed by the knowledge and respect that these children have for their local environment! These 6 and 7 year olds are often finishing our sentences when we begin talking about some of our endemic flora and fauna species. Their enthusiasm and connection with nature is inspiring.

Kids in Boranup Forest

Enjoying some shade in Boranup Forest

As well as walking through the bush, we worked on some of our favourite team building and leadership activities including Spiders Web and Pipeline.

Being briefed on the Spiders Web activity

Being briefed on the Spiders Web activity

The challenge was set for the children to make their way through the web of the mighty Hamelin Spider, which the kids took to quite well. Without facilitation, they formed a circle, selected a leader and formulated a plan that would see all of their classmates get safely through the web.

Forming a circle in the shade to formulate a plan

An empowering moment for the children

The kids were very impressed with themselves after the activity concluded, and rightfully so! Who would have thought that a group of 6 and 7 year olds could make such a great team!?

Celebrating Spiders Web success

Celebrating Spiders Web success

The class also demonstrated amazing patience and cooperation throughout their pipeline activity, which they very quickly got the hang of. Returning to the Pipeline activity throughout the walk allows the group to try and better their score that is measured by how fast they can move the ball through the pipeline with dropping it to the ground!

Pipeline in action!

Pipeline in action!

The camp finished with an expedition through the awe-inspiring and mighty Giants Cave! With crawling, ladders and sliding, each one of the children made it the entire way through the 500m underground labyrinth. It is always such an empowering experience to reconnect children with their natural environment. As you can see, Cape to Cape Explorer Tours love hosting camps for school and youth groups! We are more than happy to creative a package that suits the needs of your group. Check out our Schools page to find out more information or send us through an email at info@capetocapetours.com.au today!

A special thanks to Lauren Trickett for the incredible photos she took throughout the camp.


‘Old heave ho’ for the Dockers Newest Recruits

On a sunny Saturday afternoon late last month, the 1st and 2nd year draft picks for the almighty Fremantle Dockers cruised into Gracetown, having no idea what the following two days would beseech of them. Immediately split into two teams, Red and Blue, the boys were handed a couple of marked maps and all their essentials to camp for the next two nights out in the wilderness. The teams would compete for points through several team building activities and would not cross paths over the next 48 hours. Before leaving Cowaramup Bay for a 7km dusk hike along the Cape to Cape Track, each team began the battle by constructing rafts and bridges.  Setting up camp and preparing dinner in the dark at Ellensbrook was a challenge in itself, one rewarded by a much needed restful night to prepare for Sunday’s events!

The boys were up early to start a treasure hunt that would push them to their limits throughout the day. Picture two groups of six young professional athletes weaving through 6kms of undulating exposed sand dunes, carrying not only about 12kgs each of camping gear, but also searching for and lugging along a surfboard, some fishing gear and a kitchen sink!

The boys were then required to really immerse themselves in the South West lifestyle by taking to the ocean and attempting to ride a wave! But there was a catch to having fun out in the surf, dignity aside, each player had to dress in drag to receive points for their team. Not only did the dress add style to the activity, it also restricted movement which seriously challenged the ability of even the more experience watermen. The day finished with the Dockers casting a line to try and catch a fishy feast.

Monday morning saw the teams drop the gear and pick up the pace in a race to the finish line! Both the Red and Blue teams put in tremendous amounts of effort but a clear winner had emerged when the Red team won the final test of navigation! We would like to thank Ray and the rest of the organisation at Leading Teams and of corse the players, coaches and staff at the Fremantle Dockers for this fantastic opportunity. We look forward to supporting the boys in their upcoming season and wish the teams newest members all the best out on the footy field in 2016.

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