West Coast Swimming Club joins us for performance camp!

Up and coming athletes from the UWA West Coast Swimming Club made their way down to Margaret River for a ‘Performance Camp’ to welcome in the new year. In the pool at the Margaret River Recreation Centre and out on the Cape to Cape Track, everyone had a great time focussing on their skills and immersing themselves in the elements.

West Coast Swimming Club

Day 1 – Walking out of Smiths Beach.

After a training session in the pool, the first day out on the Track saw these young fish out of water walking from Smiths Beach to Injidup! The team took a dip in the ocean and enjoyed a little snorkel at The Aquarium to cool off.

Snorkling at the Aquarium

Cooling off and enjoying a snorkel at the Aquarium

The following day was spent at the beautiful coastal hamlet of Gracetown where these kids completed a variety of team building challenges. From Spider’s Web, to Leonardo’s Bridge, to Raft Building, the group excelled through the activities by maximising communication and assigning competent leaders.

Launching the raft in Gracetown

Launching their competed raft into the bay at Gracetown

It was a really rewarding day for the kids and gave them the opportunity to get out of the pool and reconnect with nature together, whilst having to think on their feet.

Spiders Web

Spiders Web in action!

A great time was had by everyone involved! Well down to all the swimmers and we hope to see them back next year to take on some more of the Cape to Cape Track and continue developing their leadership and team work skills!!!

Leonardos Bridge

The team successfully constructed Leonardo’s Bridge

Looking for a camp for you and your team? Whether you are professional athletes, from the corporate world or just want to pull your organisation together for something fun and rewarding we can tailor a package to suit your needs. Email us at info@capetocapetours.com.au so we can meet your needs and create a program to suit your outcomes.

Not all snakes are dangerous!

The Elapognathus coronets (Western crowned snake) is commonly spotted by our walkers on the Cape to Cape Track. Growing up to 70cm’s in length, this small snake will usually freeze when approached but will timidly squirm away with any sudden movement. Active throughout most of the year they can often be found sun baking on flattened sedge or sand patches. Their diet typically consists of small frogs and lizards and thankfully, they are not known to be aggressive or venomous to people.

Elapognathus coronatus

The Western Crowned Snake captured alongside the Cape to Cape Track.

Science Proves There is Happiness in Hiking!

Recently a lot of evidence has surfaced explaining the science behind how walking in nature can actually change our brains for the better! A dynamic community of writers cooperatively known as Collective Evolution have recently published an article that went viral through social media outlet Facebook expanding on several functional reasons we should all be hiking more often!

Walking along the stunning Cape to Cape Track north of Smith's Beach

We’ve all had an inkling for quite some time that hiking is good for our body, mind and soul but science is now uncovering that while hiking we are actually altering brains for the better! Stopping negative and obsessive thoughts is only the start in the list of mental health benefits associated with walking in nature. We can also boost our creative abilities by disconnecting from technology while hiking. That’s write everyone, leave your smart phones at home!

Pure Joy out on the Track!

At Cape to Cape Explorer Tours we have endless options available for you to experience one of the most spectacular long distance coastal hikes in the world! We can’t think of a better way for you to boost your brain power than here in the southwest. Have a browse through our self-guided and guided options to see what you can pencil in for your next holiday!

Our Great Friends of the Iconic Track

Last month members from the not-for-profit organisation, Friends of the Cape to Cape Track (FOCCT), joined Cape to Cape Explorer Tours on an eight day guided end to end walk of the Track.

Jenny Kikeros, FOCCT member and nature enthusiast was amongst those who walked the whole Track over 8 days.

“I have been a member of Friends of the Cape to Cape Track since 2008 to do the walks, help out and enjoy the Cape”, she said.

“It’s my part of contributing to the Cape.”

With many walks completed over the years she still enjoys the diversity and beauty that the Track offers with her favourite part being one that is the most alone.

“I have walked the Track over 10 times.”

“I love the remoteness, wildlife, beautiful flowers and the contrast of the forest and the beach. I love it all.”

“I really like the part near Augusta because it’s so isolated.”

Mrs Kikeros said she discovered more about the coastal stretch including it’s wildlife.

“Our guides Gene and Drew shared their knowledge and experience and this time we learnt lots about birds.”

With a passion for the region and the 135km Track, CCET Directors and Senior Guides, Gene Hardy and Drew McKenzie, are also members of the FOCCT management committee.

Mr McKenzie said that as part of the FOCCT committee they could contribute expertise and detailed Track knowledge to the meetings and the group’s planning.

“We have a common interest and are happy to share our knowledge and skills with group,” said Mr McKenzie.

“We are also adoptees of the spectacular Bobs Hollow to Contos stretch of the Track,” he said.

“This years Autumn End-to-Ender was a great success and we enjoyed walking with the FOCCT members who are passionate about the Track and took pride in showing off their adopted portions of the Track.”

If you would like to book a guided End-to-End experience like the FOCCT did for yourself then please check out our tours here… Guided End-to-Ender

Rather do it by yourself… Self Guided

We also offer School Group experiences… Schools

To book or for further information please call us on M:0459 452 038 or email E: info@capetocapetours.com.au

To become a member of the FOCCT… Friends of the Cape to Cape Track

Trio take on Track at great speed

Anything is possible on the track with the latest accomplishment being Kiwi and Aussie combo Kaz, Rory and Nikki, currently residing in Perth, spending the last five days running the Cape to Cape Track from End to End.

With preparation the key to their success the team averaged 27kms per day in the speedy time of 4 hours.

“It has actually been a lot easier than we thought,” said Nikki.

“I didn’t think we would get to day 5,” she said.

“I think it’s just knowing your own limits,” said Kaz. Knowing what your body can do,” she said.

Taking the hike to anther level, running it rather than walking, it proved to be still enjoyable and injury free.

“It’s been good. Everyday has had its different challenges but overall it’s been a pretty cool adventure,” said Nikki.

Whilst was joking about the highlight being getting to the car at the end of each day one of the real highlights was running from Injidup to Ellensbrook.

“Yesterday was my favourite run,” said Nikki.

“Just a really cool track and it was on the coast for the most of it,” she said.

“Not a lot of uphill sand,” added Kaz.

Their final advice for Cape to Cape Track Self Guided walk…

Preparation and look at your maps everyday.

Super speedy effort Kaz, Nikki and Rory!

The Cape to Cape Track can be a challenging walk at times due to the diversity and nature of the terrain and requires preparation.

Training and fitness are also imperative and Cape to Cape Explorer Tours strongly recommend training regularly for at least 2 months prior to the commencement of the tour and wear  very well-worn-in boot to prevent blisters and injury.

If you would like to take a Cape to Cape Track Self Guided walk or run like these three please call us on M:0459 452 038 or email E:info@capetocapetours.com.au

To read  reviews on Tripadvisor please click here


Young Professionals defeat the heat on the Track

Ellese Graham and Leena Zhou from Melbourne, recently took on the whole Cape to Cape and completed the End to End Experience in the hottest week of the hottest month of the year.

Ms Zhou said that even though at times it was warm, their self-guided tour was still both achievable and enjoyable.

“Definitely very manageable, as you have got a cooling headwind and are always by the coast anyway, so you get a nice breeze which slows down the temperature for a bit,” said Ms Zhou.

Highlights from the tour were finding secluded beaches to stop for lunch and bathing in the south west waters.

“Cape Mentelle was just incredible, hanging out in the rock pools, beautiful just beautiful,” she said.

Ms Graham said that she enjoyed all of the accommodation, but her very favourite was CCET’s accommodation at Smith’s Beach.

“Having that balcony looking over the water, can’t beat it, said Ms Graham.

They both suggested that other walkers should consider including a wine tour or cooking class during their Cape to Cape experience.

Cape to Cape Explorer Tours can customise you tour to just the way you like it and whilst wine tours and cooking classes can be included so can caving, mountain biking, kayaking, artisans, wildflowers, breweries, lighthouse tours and more.

Self-guided end-to-end walks occur through out the year and CCET offer a range of services for self guided walkers.

Congratulations to Ellese Graham and Leena Zhou for completing the entire Cape to Cape Track in the hottest month of the year supported by CCET – fantastic effort!

* The total cost for the Cape to Cape Fully Supported, Self Guided package staying in fantastic accommodation starts at $1450 including GST. based on 2 people.

To book or for further information please call us on M:0459 452 038 or email E:info@capetocapetours.com.au

To read  reviews on Tripadvisor please click here