Science Proves There is Happiness in Hiking!

Recently a lot of evidence has surfaced explaining the science behind how walking in nature can actually change our brains for the better! A dynamic community of writers cooperatively known as Collective Evolution have recently published an article that went viral through social media outlet Facebook expanding on several functional reasons we should all be hiking more often!

Walking along the stunning Cape to Cape Track north of Smith's Beach

We’ve all had an inkling for quite some time that hiking is good for our body, mind and soul but science is now uncovering that while hiking we are actually altering brains for the better! Stopping negative and obsessive thoughts is only the start in the list of mental health benefits associated with walking in nature. We can also boost our creative abilities by disconnecting from technology while hiking. That’s write everyone, leave your smart phones at home!

Pure Joy out on the Track!

At Cape to Cape Explorer Tours we have endless options available for you to experience one of the most spectacular long distance coastal hikes in the world! We can’t think of a better way for you to boost your brain power than here in the southwest. Have a browse through our self-guided and guided options to see what you can pencil in for your next holiday!

Gucci team explores the Cape to Cape Track

The Gucci team taking a break amongst some granite boulders

Luxury Margaret River travel experts, ExperiencesmithSmiths Beach Resort and Cape to Cape Explorer Tours had the pleasure of hosting the executive team from Gucci Australia over the weekend.

Managing Director Gene Hardy snorkelling with the Gucci team at The Aquarium

The team took a walk on Sunday morning with Cape to Cape Explorer Tours Managing Director Gene Hardy to one of the most secluded and picturesque locations just south of the luxury Smiths Beach Resort. Highlights included a dip in the Aquarium, a four meter deep pool protected from the pounding ocean in the background.

The team enjoying the view from Bignose Rock, looking over the Aquarium.

Interested in exploring the options for your team? Click here to check out some of our recent Corporate Team Building project and get in contact us to organise an experience on the Cape to Cape Track for you and your colleagues today!

Track Specialists finalists for trio of awards

Cape to Cape Track tour company named as finalists in three categories in the Margaret River Region Business Awards.

With opportunity to take on the Tourism Excellence Award, Small Business of the Year Award and Western Australia Regional Small Business Award, Gene Hardy, Managing Director of Cape to Cape Explorer Tours (CCET), said that the company had worked very hard over the last 5 years to get to where they are today and has loved every moment of it.

“Cape to Cape Explorer Tours are a proudly locally owned Margaret River company. We pride ourselves as being the Cape to Cape Track Specialists and are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience with hikers and travellers from all parts of Australia and from all over the world,” he said.

“Drew McKenzie (CCET Director) and I live local, breathe local and hire local. We are not only experts in the area but also in Geology, History, Biology, Biodiversity and Geography.”

“We are stoked to be named as finalists in these awards.”

To see the full list of finalists…

To read more about it in The West Australian…

Playwright plays with words and imagery on the Track

World renowned Singaporean Playwright and Lawyer walks alone in the south west wilderness on a Self Guided Customised End-to-End Track Experience in June, the coldest winter month of the year.

Talented and unique Ms Eleanor Wong, well known for her intellectual gift for law and another for theatrical words, said that she enjoyed the moods of the weather during her Cape to Cape Track experience.

“It’s been great…it’s been ‘amaaaazing’. Everyday I’ve had some amazing weather….a couple of days of good sun and then yesterday down the stretch with all the rocks (behind Gracetown) with the rain threatening the whole day, just grey like that, and the sea all angry and powerful, was just amazing,” Ms Wong said.

Ms Wong said she was not highly trained hiker having come from a city life, but loved the luxury option of dong the walk this way.

“I am really not a very good or experienced walker at all. I come from Singapore, where it is mostly city, you get driven everywhere and then you sit in an air conditioned place… but I love being out there…with all this great support from Cape to Cape Explorer Tours. When you are out there, you are out there with nothing between you, nothing next you, nothing near you and it’s just you and what’s natural.”

The support from Cape to Cape Explorer Tours enabled Ms Wong to be free from worry on her journey in the wilderness.

“I love the feeling of having not that much of a safety net. I don’t think I am that rash. If you at least don’t get close to the edge, you don’t know where you end,” she said.

Inspired to blog about her travels, her writing is an abstract, but beautiful take on the spectacular hike. Ms Wong used this image and wrote…

 “diamond lines

  dinosaur spines

  shark teeth

  anything but leaves”

 To read this gifted lady’s blog and personal interpretation of the Track please click on the below link…

Eleannor’s Blog

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Our Great Friends of the Iconic Track

Last month members from the not-for-profit organisation, Friends of the Cape to Cape Track (FOCCT), joined Cape to Cape Explorer Tours on an eight day guided end to end walk of the Track.

Jenny Kikeros, FOCCT member and nature enthusiast was amongst those who walked the whole Track over 8 days.

“I have been a member of Friends of the Cape to Cape Track since 2008 to do the walks, help out and enjoy the Cape”, she said.

“It’s my part of contributing to the Cape.”

With many walks completed over the years she still enjoys the diversity and beauty that the Track offers with her favourite part being one that is the most alone.

“I have walked the Track over 10 times.”

“I love the remoteness, wildlife, beautiful flowers and the contrast of the forest and the beach. I love it all.”

“I really like the part near Augusta because it’s so isolated.”

Mrs Kikeros said she discovered more about the coastal stretch including it’s wildlife.

“Our guides Gene and Drew shared their knowledge and experience and this time we learnt lots about birds.”

With a passion for the region and the 135km Track, CCET Directors and Senior Guides, Gene Hardy and Drew McKenzie, are also members of the FOCCT management committee.

Mr McKenzie said that as part of the FOCCT committee they could contribute expertise and detailed Track knowledge to the meetings and the group’s planning.

“We have a common interest and are happy to share our knowledge and skills with group,” said Mr McKenzie.

“We are also adoptees of the spectacular Bobs Hollow to Contos stretch of the Track,” he said.

“This years Autumn End-to-Ender was a great success and we enjoyed walking with the FOCCT members who are passionate about the Track and took pride in showing off their adopted portions of the Track.”

If you would like to book a guided End-to-End experience like the FOCCT did for yourself then please check out our tours here… Guided End-to-Ender

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To become a member of the FOCCT… Friends of the Cape to Cape Track

Father and Sons Celebrate on Track

To celebrate his 60th birthday Robert Chandler and his sons Dane, Nathan & Guy walked the whole Cape to Cape Track from End to End.

Starting at Cape Naturaliste and heading South, Mr Chandler said that the Self Guided Tour was not only a scenic journey but also a bonding family holiday that had not happened for a very long time.

“The highlight of the tour was the opportunity of doing what was a wonderful trip with my three boys to celebrate my 60th, so that and followed not far beyond by, what was a very enjoyable trip along the coastal plains of our south west coast which was magnificent,” he said.

Nathan Chandler, the middle son of the three brothers, agreed with short but sweet words.

“Scenery, surf, bushland, fresh air,” he said.

It was their first family holiday in “20 years” and they “totally” bonded.

Whilst eldest brother Dane found that the silence amongst them different but good.

“There is something to be said about being comfortable in each others silence. It was a good trip . It was challenging but in good ways,” he said.

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