Enjoy the extras on one of our guided end-to-end experiences!

Our guided end-to-end hikes run back to back throughout Spring and so far this year our groups have been having an absolute blast! Not only are they loving the Track and learning about all the different environmental and social elements that make the Margaret River Region so special, they are indulging in wine tastings, massages, cave explorations and delicious meals after their days walk.

Enjoying the contrast of Boodjidup Creek & Beach!

Enjoying the contrast of Boodjidup Creek & Beach!

After your first day on the Track, we head back to Gnarabup for a fantastic BBQ of local line caught fish and fresh salad. This is the perfect opportunity for everyone to relax and get to know each other whilst chatting about the adventure that the week ahead holds!

Before setting off from Cape Naturaliste

Right before setting off on their 135km journey!

Day two on the Track is a little bit longer and more challenging than the first, but it’s all worth it to head to Cape Grace Wines and enjoy a wine tasting and a cheese platter with Karen. Heading home to unwind with a delicious Margaret River meal in your room will leave you feeling rested for your next day on the Cape to Cape. This night is one of the best to indulge in a massage.

Group of hikers tasting wine at Cape Grace winery

Hikers enjoying tasting at Cape Grace Wines

Your third day with Cape to Cape Explorer Tours is a shorter and easier walk finished with a sundowner at Margaret River’s founding estate, Vasse Felix. After trying wine produced from some of the regions oldest vines, head home to freshen up before hitting The Common for pizza night! Yum!

Enjoying a wine and platter at Vasse Felix

Vasse Felix sundowners are a lovely way to finish the day!

After crossing the half way point and the Margaret River, on day four you walk into your accommodation. Tonights meal is a degustation of Japanese tempura at Miki’s Open Kitchen, one of the regions most renowned restaurants. A two hour dining experience that will leave you feeling spoilt!

Mike's Open Kitchen

A sneak peak of some of the delicious Japanese food at Mikis Open Kitchen

After a variable, challenging and long day on the Track, you’ll head straight back to your accommodation to relax and enjoy a dinner in your accommodation from one of Margaret River’s best providers, The Larder. Another opportunity for a massage presents itself this evening.

Group of hikers at Contos Cliffs

Contos Cliffs is one of the most scenic sections of the Track.

After your second last day on the Cape to Cape, you will get the opportunity to visit one of Margaret River’s iconic caves. Venture underground with helmet and torch to explore the beauty of Calgardup Cave before emerging to a delicious hearty soup under the stars featuring freshly baked rolls from Margaret River Woodfired Bread.

Entering Calgardup Cave

About to enter the depth of Calgardup Cave

To celebrate your achievement of hiking the Cape to Cape Track, we spend the final evening sharing a meal at The Common. Certificates, slide shows and champagne make for an enjoyable evening of reminiscing with your new friends!

Celebration Dinner

Recapping on a life changing week at The Common!

With all of our Guided Join a Group experiences full to the brim this Spring and bookings for both Autumn and Spring next year already flowing in, we recommend booking now to avoid disappointment! With three different accommodation options including camping, staying in well appointed beach houses or staying at the 4-Star Margarets Beach Resort you can shape your Cape to Cape experience to suit your needs. Check out our dates on our home page now!

Wonderful Wildflowers

Heading into October, the wildflowers are well and truely on display down in Margaret River! With over 1200mm of rain so far this year, all our native flora is absolutely bursting with beautiful colours.

Anigozanthos manglesii

Anigozanthos manglesii – the red and green kangaroo is endemic to Western Australia and has featured as the states emblem since 1960.

Although our native orchids are exquisite, there are also many other flowering species that you can spot on the Cape to Cape Track that can be just as breath taking. One of our favourites is the Mangles Kangaroo Paw. The striking red and green of the flower stalk can grow over a metre in height and is a simply stunning contrast among the darker green foliage.

Kennedia coccinea

Kennedia coccinea – Coral vine is a welcomed splash of orange along the Track.

The Coral Vine adds a splash of warmth to the Cape to Cape Track as it meanders through the surrounding vegetation. Pink, orange and yellow are so dramatically eye catching it’s hard not to stop and take a closer look!

Petrophile axillaria

Petrophile axillaria – A prickly but beautiful pink flowering shrub

Although the flowers on this shrub are pretty and pink, the foliage is prickly and straggly! These beautiful flowers can be seen through the forest section of the Track and at nearly Cosy Corner.

Donkey Orchid

Dirus sp. – The Dunsborough Donkey Orchid is the most common orchid found on the Cape to Cape.

These rather tall and common Donkey Orchids are a funky and fun looking flower that can be found in various sections of the Track over early spring. Growing very tall, they are absolutely magnificent when poking out from the vegetation. If you want to take a step away from the coast and into other vegetation types, why not check out our Wild About Margaret River Tour? Not only will you get the chance to spot lots of native orchids with an experienced guide, you’ll also get the chance to learn some of the fascinating local history.

Spring has SPRUNG!

Spring is well and truly here in the Margaret River Region! The beautiful change in season has brought sunshine and wildflowers in abundance! Late August through to late November really is the perfect time of year to get outdoors and experience the true biodiversity of this region. With over 8,500 flora species in the South West, almost everyday there is a new flower presenting itself to walkers along the Cape to Cape Track!

The endemic Caladenia nivalis (Exotic Spider Orchid) is only found in coastal granite outcrops between Cape Naturliste and Moses Rock.

Did you know that not all the plants in this region rely on nutrients from the soil to survive? Over time some species have developed adaptations that allow them to feed on unsuspecting insects! These carnivores have vibrant mucilaginous glands on their leaves that lure in prey and secrete enzymes that ultimately disolve unfortunate insects into a digestible food source for the host.

The insectivorous 'Drosera pallida (Pale Rainbow Sundew)' patiently waits for its feast of insects

Don’t have the time to walk the entire 135km’s of the track? Why not take a look at some of our other self-guided options? We also offer a range of day tours where our local expert guides will enthusiastically give you a taste of the regions natural beauty!

Our Great Friends of the Iconic Track

Last month members from the not-for-profit organisation, Friends of the Cape to Cape Track (FOCCT), joined Cape to Cape Explorer Tours on an eight day guided end to end walk of the Track.

Jenny Kikeros, FOCCT member and nature enthusiast was amongst those who walked the whole Track over 8 days.

“I have been a member of Friends of the Cape to Cape Track since 2008 to do the walks, help out and enjoy the Cape”, she said.

“It’s my part of contributing to the Cape.”

With many walks completed over the years she still enjoys the diversity and beauty that the Track offers with her favourite part being one that is the most alone.

“I have walked the Track over 10 times.”

“I love the remoteness, wildlife, beautiful flowers and the contrast of the forest and the beach. I love it all.”

“I really like the part near Augusta because it’s so isolated.”

Mrs Kikeros said she discovered more about the coastal stretch including it’s wildlife.

“Our guides Gene and Drew shared their knowledge and experience and this time we learnt lots about birds.”

With a passion for the region and the 135km Track, CCET Directors and Senior Guides, Gene Hardy and Drew McKenzie, are also members of the FOCCT management committee.

Mr McKenzie said that as part of the FOCCT committee they could contribute expertise and detailed Track knowledge to the meetings and the group’s planning.

“We have a common interest and are happy to share our knowledge and skills with group,” said Mr McKenzie.

“We are also adoptees of the spectacular Bobs Hollow to Contos stretch of the Track,” he said.

“This years Autumn End-to-Ender was a great success and we enjoyed walking with the FOCCT members who are passionate about the Track and took pride in showing off their adopted portions of the Track.”

If you would like to book a guided End-to-End experience like the FOCCT did for yourself then please check out our tours here… Guided End-to-Ender

Rather do it by yourself… Self Guided

We also offer School Group experiences… Schools

To book or for further information please call us on M:0459 452 038 or email E: info@capetocapetours.com.au

To become a member of the FOCCT… Friends of the Cape to Cape Track

‘Jewel of the Capes’ tour a Wildlife Bonanza

Cape to Cape Explorer Tours flagship one day tour, the Jewel of the Capes, provided a number of wildlife encounters and other highlights for six lucky participants during a recent mid-week custom tour.

‘September in Margaret River has been exceptionally wet this year and it’s fantastic to see the surrounding bushland and coastal heath looking so healthy”, said Senior Tour Guide and Cape to Cape Explorer Tours Director Gene Hardy.

“The Jewel of the Cape tour visits possibly the most scenic stretch of the Cape to Cape Track, as well as traversing the regions most exciting cave.”

A number of wildlife encounters occurred, beginning when a very brave Bearded Dragon decided to stand his ground and show the group an impressive set of sharp teeth.

The Bearded Dragon is from the Dragon or Agamidae family. About 73 different Adamidae species occur in Australia, with 66 found in Western Australia alone. They have a unique set of posterior teeth, fused to the outer rim of their jaw, which can be clearly seen in the above photo. These teeth are permanent and are not replaced. However they also have a second set of interior teeth and are continually replaced throughout their life.

“Looking at the amount of teeth still left on this feisty little fellows outer jaw, I’d say that he is still reasonably young”, laughed Gene “Possibly a puffed up teenager!”

The other wildlife encounter to note was a large male emu and his little brood of four chicks. At up to 55kg the Emu is the second largest bird in the world, just behind the Ostrich.

“The interesting thing about Emus is that the fathers do all the childrearing”, says Gene.

“And it’s not just looking after the chicks either, he will sit on the eggs without eating for between 40 and 60 days”

After the brief encounter, the father Emu decided he’d seen enough of our group and ran off, down the Track, with his little chicks powering along behind him.

Another highlight of the day were the golden flowers of the Acacia littoria or Shark Tooth Wattle dominating the wild sea cliffs.

The final highlight of the day was the enormous caverns of the adventure cave, where the group took on the challenge of  a game of stealth in the Ballroom with vigour.

After the expanse of the Ball Room Chamber, the ladder section was a lot of fun and gave everyone a chance to marvel at the amount of wind whistling through the chamber, some 70metres below the surface!

With the cave behind us and a bottle of cold Ballingup Apple cider on the surface the day had come to an end…everyone will sleep well tonight!

The ‘Jewel of the Capes’ tour runs every Saturday and enquiries can be made to have a tour run any day of the week for a custom group of 4 participants or more.

Please call Cape to Cape Explorer Tours on 0459 452 038 to book or for further information.