Overview: Schools & Youth

Cape to Cape Explorer Tours are experts in providing fun and safe outdoor education programs for schools and youth groups on and around the spectacular Cape to Cape Track.

We believe that immersing young people in the natural environment and facilitating activities to inspire youth provides a powerful and invaluable experience.

From half-day and full day experiences, to extended multi-day trips, Cape to Cape Explorer Tours can create a detailed and personalised program to meet your needs.

Our youth experiences link to the Australian Curricululm through Science, History, Geography, Geology and also incorporate core team-building and leadership.

Cape to Cape Explorer Tours provides:

“I can't really imagine any part of the trip that could have been done better. From the moment they met us at Perth Airport to the very end when they dropped us at Perth Airport everything went super smoothly...I can't imagine how they could do anything better. Everything was five-star, unbeatable service, unbeatable experience. Highly recommended.”

- Lazlo Varro, Chinese International School

Wealth of experience

We have designed and executed a huge number of successful programs for local, national, and international schools and youth groups. All of our professional and personable outdoor educators and guides have a wealth of experience in the field, are Senior First Aid trained, have acquired their Working with Children's Check.


With years of experience working with schools, we provide safely-structured experiences, with comprehensive risk management plans, emergency response plans, state-of-the-art satellite communication devices, and 4WD emergency support.

Diverse Activities & Themes

Detailed and personalised program design including a variety of activities and themes for you to choose from, with an underlying focus on team-building, leadership, and resilience.

Fleet of vehicles

A fleet of quality vehicles to transfer your group around the Margaret River Region as well as to and from Perth City (including the airport).

Nutritious Catering

Delicious and nutritious catering with a focus on local produce.

Range of Accommodation Options
Accommodation for your group in any of the following: bush camping, dorm rooms, individual rooms.

Singapore Meridian College students on the Track hiking

Students from Singapore Meridian College enjoying the awesome surrounds of Hamelin Bay.

Pipeline activity in action

Year 1 students from Margaret River Independent School working together on our Pipeline activity.

Specialist equipment

We are well-stocked with all necessary provisions for successful hiking, camping and outdoor experiences, with quality camping equipment, team-building activities, first aid supplies and hiking equipment.



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The Cape to Cape Track and the Margaret River Region provide an awe-inspiring and diverse platform school groups and youth to participate in a wide variety of nature based activities.

We understand that each your has specific outcomes they wish to achieve through their trip to the south west. At Cape to Cape Explorer Tours we pride ourselves on our flexibility and our desire to meet your specific needs through our various experience based activities and our thematic approach to interpreting the landscape and history of this very special part of the world.

Cape to Cape Explorer Tours have devised a number of activities that allow youth of all ages to make the decision to challenge themselves, as well as facilitating a safe and fun environment to work both individually and as a team.

Our thematic approach gives the opportunity for youth and students to fully immerse themselves in a variety of aspects that make up this fantastic region. By addressing different aspects of the region, a greater depth of understanding and appreciation can be gained.

Welcome to Country

The Wadandi Nyoongar people are the traditional custodians of the land that encompasses the Margaret River Region. Josh Whiteland from Koomal Dreaming provides a moving 'Welcome to Country' experience.

Wadandi Welcome to Country
Josh Whiteland from Koomal Dreaming performing a Welcome to Country with students from the Chinese International School.



Hiking along the Cape to Cape Track gives the opportunity to completely disconnect from technology and appreciate the beauty and hostility of the coastline. Hiking is very empowering, meditative and challenging, allowing students to accept responsibility for their own well being.

Hiking Kilcarnup
Kids from Kalgoorlie Primary School hiking towards Kilcarnup.




Beneath the surface of the Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge there are over 150 limestone cave formations. Our qualified and experienced guides can take your group to explore the underground world in either Giants, Calgardup or Golgotha Cave.

Giants Cave
Climbing through Giants Cave.


Challenge Loop

Cape to Cape Explorer Tours has devised a number of team building and leadership activities to encourage positive communication, cooperation and cooperation. Raft building, Spider's Web, Leonardo's Bridge and Toxic Waste are just some of the challenges that make the loop a lot of fun.

Leonardos Bridge
UWA West Coast Swimming Club successfully constructed and negotiated Leonardo's Bridge.



The beautiful Margaret River reaches the Indian Ocean in Prevelly, where kayaking up the river is absolutely stunning. Enjoy spotting Black Brim swimming under the kayaks and the spectacular view of the historical Walcfliffe House on the river's southern banks.

MR YAC kayaking the river
Youth from the Margaret River Youth Advisory Council exhilarated after heading down the Margaret River.




The Ngari Capes Marine Park surrounds the entire axe head of the Capes Region and makes for some magnificent snorkelling. Our water trained guides will keep your group safe and find the perfect place to enjoy the wonders below the oceans surface.

Getting ready to snorkel at Cape Mentelle.
Nannup YAC council joined us for a coasteering session on their recent summer camp.




Working with Margaret River Surf School, students and youth are given the opportunity to challenge themselves and learn a new skill.

Children learning to surf with Ryan Hardy
Ryan Hardy teaching youth from BUZ Nurture Works Busselton how to surf.



Marine Debris Collection

Cape to Cape Explorer Tours have joined the Australian Marine Debris Initiative hosted by Tangoroa Blue. Collecting and evaluating debris from the Western Australian shoreline can be an empowering and surprising experience.

Sorting through Marine Debris
Singapore Meridian College students sorting through marine debris collected from Boranup Beach.



Abseiling and Rock Climbing

Abseiling and rock climbing provides the opportunity for youth to challenge themselves by choice and experience a different perspective of the coastline or forest. Working with Margaret River Climbing Company, we can abseil or rock climb at a number of locations, including the Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs or the Boranup Forest.

Students abseiling at Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs
Youth from Margaret River YAC abseiling at Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs


Granite gneiss and Tamala limestone make up the building blocks of the Cape to Cape Track. Learn of the stories of how these rocks have become the foundation of the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park.

Moses Rock


Flora and Biodiversity

Lying within one of 36 internationally recognised biodiversity hotspots, the South West Ecoregion is home to over 6,000 species of flora. Each have adapted to thrive in this environment over a very long period of time.

Kennedia coccinea



Complementing the unique flora of the region, the area is home to a number of species that are found nowhere else in the world. Stories of the animals of the past and the threats to our native fauna in the future provide perspective on the fragility of life on earth.



Indigenous Anthropology

Devil's Lair Cave is one of the most important archaeological sites on the plants, revealing that the Wadandi Nyoongar people have been living in this area for over 58,000 years. Since the arrival of the European settlers in the early 19th century, there has been some warming stories between the settlers in and the Wadandi people.

Sam and Fred Isaacs
Sam and Fred Isaacs


European History

Two hundred years before the French arrived to explore the area between the Capes, the Dutch had already spotted and noted the most southwest corner of Australia. In 1931, the first settlers arrived in Augusta and over the last 85 years, many stories have come from their successes and failures of the land.

Ellenbrook House
Ellenbrook House


Drug and Alcohol Awareness

We have worked closely with the Local Drug Action Group to present a number of camps with local youth groups. Learning about the chemistry of the brain and the natural highs we can embrace, students can have the opportunity to openly discuss why people might choose to use alcohol and drugs.

Drug Awareness Chat
The ideal time to initiate conversation about Drug & Alcohol Awareness is when serotonin is high.


Team Building and Leadership

What does it take to be a good leader or to be part of a strong team? We explore the ideas of effective communication and trust.

Forming a circle in the shade to formulate a plan
Communication and cooperation makes for empowering conversation


Bush Survival

The environment can be a hostile place with very real consequences. Groups will have the chance to explore tactics and techniques to find water, water and create shelter and warmth.

One of the most delicious bush foods from the area, Pigface



Kids in Boranup Forest