Bushwalking in Margaret River hits TV screens

bushwalking in Margaret River

Bushwalking in Margaret River will feature on a new Australian TV show putting the spotlight on the region’s amazing food, wine and outdoor experiences.

Taste Australia With Hayden Quinn will go to air across the nation in 2020 on Channel 10 and on Qantas‘ inflight entertainment showcasing some of the most attractive and gastronomic destinations in the country.

It’s hosted by Hayden Quinn, who is also an executive producer on the show. He shot to fame on MasterChef Australia and was also the host of the latest genesis of foodie show Surfing The Menu.

One episode of the new Taste Australia series was shot recently in the Margaret River region.

During shooting, Hayden joined Cape To Cape Explorer Tours founder Gene Hardy to do some bushwalking in Margaret River. The pair hiked a section of the world-renowned Cape to Cape Track, which spans some of the most epic coastal scenery in Australia.

Then, they both waxed up their surfboards and hit the waves together.

The episode also features Hayden diving for fresh abalone with Augusta-based Ocean Grown Abalone owner Brad Adams. And checking out some of the prime beef produced in Western Australia’s South-West.

Finally, Hayden visits Vasse Felix. It’s one of Margaret River’s most celebrated wineries and the location of the very first grape vines planted in the region.

Among the vines, the episode finishes with the TV cook plating up a feast of abalone and grass-fed tender beef. Hayden declares it the best “surf and turf” he’s tasted.

Sharing the Cape to Cape Track

Gene says it was great fun hanging out with Hayden and a privilege to hike the Cape to Cape Track with him.

“The Track has so many different facets and so many textures. It just sums up this beautiful part of the world so well,” Gene says.

“Everyone who comes and walks on this trail loves it. You’ve got everything from towering forests to pristine beaches and incredible granite formations, with orchids and wildflowers. It’s the best bushwalking in Margaret River.”

Thumbs up to Margaret River

Hayden gave the Margaret Rive region, its world-class produce and pristine nature two resounding thumbs up.

“Margaret River is just completely unique in the fact that you have some of the best produce in the world, some of the best wine in the world, and then world-class surf and hiking all in the one spot,” he says.

“You can be sitting here sipping a fine wine or you can be down at the coast seeing the raw Indian Ocean as it’s most wild. It’s got everything.”

Hayden admitted he’d been dreaming of a return visit to Margaret River after hiking the entire 124km Cape to Cape Track in five days in 2017.

“It was my first big trek and I loved it,” he says.

“I did it with a mate of mine and I did it for LifeChanger Foundation to help raise funds. But it’s so good to come back and walk some more of the trail. I’m a huge fan.

“I’ve been here for surfing, I’ve been here for the Gourmet Escape food festival, and I’ve been here to hike the Cape to Cape. I love it. I love coming back.”

He said Taste Australia With Hayden Quinn was a far cry from the typical cooking show.

“We don’t want this show to be like, ‘Here’s a steak and this is how you cook it’. I’m in the water getting the abalone or milking the cow. Having a dig,” he says.

“I get to do cool stuff like this instead of standing in the kitchen stirring stuff.

“It’s everything I like to do: cook food and meet people and share stories.”