Our amazing guide Kristie Bower’s epic 128km Cape to Cape run was a huge success – and she raised more then $130,000 for charity! Kristie ran the entire Track continuously in just over 20 hours. Her incredible effort was to commemorate her Dad, who passed away last year. And to raise funds for dementia, Alzheimer’s and neurological science research. Read on for a Q&A with Kristie (pictured below with her husband Jezza moments after finishing) to find out more about her gruelling effort!

The most euphoric feeling of my life

You ran the whole Cape to Cape in less than 24 hours?  How did it feel when you crossed the finish line?

It was the most incredible euphoric feeling I think I’ve ever experienced! There was a party of supporters at Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse to meet me at the end, and it was such a happy moment. Gives me goosebumps to think of it now! Not only had I made it but I was greeted by so many people who had stayed up until 1am to see me finish.

Were there moments when you thought ‘I can’t do this’?

I never thought “can’t” but I definitely had a moment when I let my mind wander to how tired I was. And I had to really work hard at pushing these thoughts out and telling myself “you’ve got this”.

What was the hardest thing about this challenge?

Going public and putting myself out there before the big day. But I had to, to raise awareness and money for Alzheimer’s and dementia. I was quite uncomfortable with all of the social medi and coverage on the TV news and in the local and West Australian newspapers. It gave me more anxiety than when I got down to Cape Leeuwin and had 128 km to run! I could breathe again once I was running on the Track.

Cape to Cape run a huge show of support and comraderie

What surprised you about the day?

I could never ever have envisaged the camaraderie and community support that evolved throughout the day. My friend took over my social media account and I had a WhatsApp group sharing updates with family and friends who couldn’t be there. And the support was justr amazing. I was the most supported individual. It was overwhelmingly amazing!

What was your final time? 

I completed the 128km in 20 hours and 39 minutes and 53 seconds, running from just after 4am to almost 1am the next morning.

Did you feel like just collapsing at the end?

Actually, no. I found I really want to engage with everyone who had come up to meet me. It was 1am and family and friends were still there. My immediate family had been awake with me since 2.30am the day before!

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Did you see much wildlife?

The most amazing sighting, an echidna! Nearly tripped over the little guy near Canal Rocks. Plus a few little scorpions, spiders, a baby dugite snake and then some really big kangaroos. They were huge and they were blocking the path at night in the last 3km! 

How’s the recovery been? 

Pretty good. I had a couple of blisters and a black toenail. But the preparation held me together. My prep included strength fitness, training on the terrain, massages and physio.

What were you craving at the end?

I celebrated the finish with a packet of chips and ginger beer haha!

How much have you raised so far?

The total was at $137,599 last time I checked. That will be distributed between Alzheimer’s WA, Dementia Research Australia and The Perron Institute. It’s an unbelievable amount of money, and topped my goal of rainging $128,000, which was $1000 for every kilometre I ran. I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who donated.

Can people still donate?

Yes they can, go to www.mycause.com.au/p/275428