Cape to Cape Explorer Tours, Upbeat Inspirations and the Travel Management Group (TMG) recently combined forces to bring a large group from Holden Australia the experience of a lifetime overlooking the Indian Ocean.

After navigating down a winding corrugated road, Cape to Cape Explorer Tour’s Gene Hardy and Drew McKenzie led the team onto the track and through the thick coastal vegetation. The beat of drums welcomed the group to secluded cliff top clearing, well over a hundred metres above the glistening ocean.

Upbeat Inspirations director Lee Cummings separated the group into two teams, gave each member a drum and launched everyone into a ten-minute power drumming frenzy. The group loved the experience and were grinning and sweating by the time Lee lay down his drum.

With the conclusion of the drumming, Cape to Cape Explorer Tour’s Gene Hardy spoke about the unique geology of the Cape to Cape region, where limestone and granite combine to give caves, surfing platforms and some of the world’s tallest trees.

Gene also spoke of the area’s fascinating marine diversity, increased this autumn by a particularly strong Leeuwin Current, gushing 24 degree water from the tropics and bringing a caravan of pelagic predators down with it, including the mighty spanish mackerel and black marlin.

Cape to Cape Explorer Tour’s environmental scientist Drew McKenzie spoke about the  unique flora and fauna associated with the south west and Australia’s only internationally recognised biodiversity hotspot. The group were then treated to some of the flavours of the track, including emu, kangaroo, quandong and acacia seed.

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