Margaret River food and produce is a real highlight of the region – and one you’ll get to indulge in during your Cape to Cape Track hike! We source the best local produce for our delicious and healthy dinners, Track lunches and snacks. Plus, on our guided hikes you’ll experience some of the best restaurants our region has to offer, and get to visit the Margaret River Farmers Market. Read on for all the details.

Catering and food on the Cape to Cape Track

In 2017, Cape To Cape Explorer Tours director Gene Hardy & Catering Co-ordinator Lisa Johnston decided that it was time to take our clients catering experience in a different direction and start our in-house catering company, called Cape to Cape Moveable Feast.

“We wanted our guests to eat meals that were nourishing, fresh, offered variety & were put together with thought, care & love.  Food that would provide everything a hiking body needs to keep it going. So began, what has been and continues to be a labour of love & a very successful journey,” says Lisa.

“Over the last few years we have fine tuned our menu and consistently receive wonderful feedback from our clients. As well as striving to make our kitchen as kind to our our environment as possible. Our Moveable Feast team pride themselves on doing what they can to ensure our clients catering experience is a positive one while on tour. We love that our clients are able to experience some of our great local restaurants, enjoy ‘rest nights’ with our eat in dinners and sample delicious local artisan products.  It’s the perfect balance!”

Supply boxes, lunches and dinners in detail

Supply box

Both our guided and self-guided hikers receive a supply box at the start of your experience. It’s packed with a variety of breakfast items and snacks for the Track.

Your lunches

At the start of each day’s hiking, your driver or guide will provide you with a delicious freshly-made morning tea and lunch. These vary from day to day, but all are healthy, filling, nutritious and tasty!

Your dinners

We have some delicious freshly prepared ‘Eat In’ dinners planned during your stay that will be delivered to you at the end of each day for reheating. You will find reheating instructions on your menu that is  included in your dinner esky bag. Your ‘Eat In’ nights are the perfect time to enjoy your complimentary local artisan products. That is if you can wait until then! For those open guided hikes, your adventure also includes a number of meals out at delicious local restaurants.

Handy links for more information

Our website has detailed information on food and catering under each individual tour or package. When booking, check your itinerary for exact details of meals and inclusions. And to read our complete catering guide, click HERE.

A focus on sustainability, minimising waste and single-use plastic

Cape to Cape Explorer Tours & Moveable Feast strive to have a low environmental impact. And we’re constantly trying to find ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

We shop local, don’t use single use plastics and only use environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Our dinners are provided in reusable containers which we clean, sanitise and reuse. And if we need to bag anything, we always use recyclable and compostable paper bags instead of plastic!

One way you can assist us in our quest is being mindful of your food waste. When re-ordering supply items please ask yourself , ‘Do I really need this?’. Check what other options are already supplied for you in your box that could be used and only then place your order. Mother Nature will love you for it!

No worries on dietary requirements and allergies

When you make your booking, you’ll be asked if you have any dietary requirements. Simply fill out the box with your dietary information.

We cater for vegans, vegetarians, paleo and gluten free. In some cases, our head of catering will contact you directly to discuss your needs. We’re happy to work with you and accommodate your dietary needs. We have a strong emphasis on not only meeting special dietary requirements but ensuring the meals are delicious and exceed expectations!

Are you vegan? Here’s what our catering manager Lisa says about the meals you can expect: “We definitely cater for vegans and offer menu items other than just simple salads – for example, tagines, curries, Mexican dishes, bean burgers, complex salads, to name just a few dishes. We receive excellent feedback about our catering and we go the extra mile to make sure everyone on tour has a positive food experience!” Feel free to contact the catering team directly if you have any further questions at:, to read our catering guide, click HERE.

Take a taste of Margaret River food and produce home with you

Love the food and want to take some home? Or gift a besoke present to friends or family? One of our offshoot businesses is Margaret River Hampers, showcasing amazing local artisan produce in delicious gift hampers.

A celebration of the best local artisan products & produce this stunning region has to offer. Inspired by pristine beaches, majestic forests, award winning vineyards and diversity of it’s local people. We take pride in showcasing amazing products and bespoke keepsakes from talented local producers from this stunning region.

There are many different themed hampers to choose from, packed with delicious wine, beer, cheese, chocolate and other goodies! Order a hamper today to enjoy during your stay in Margaret River or to be posted as a gift anywhere in Australia! See Margaret River Hampers for more info or to order.