Spring is just around the corner and that means the most abundant time for orchids of the Cape to Cape Track! And here at Cape To Cape Explorer Tours, we’re mad about these colourful and wonderful characters in the wide world of flora. So we wanted to share a photo gallery of some of the favourite orchid gems we can expect to spot this spring on the Cape to Cape Track.

“The intricacy of the flowers in the Margaret River region will bewilder you, especially the orchids,” says Trevor Paddenburg. He’s a guide at Cape To Cape Explorer Tours and a self-confess orchid fanatic. “That’s because we’re in an official global biodiversity hotspot, with more than 7000 different species of plants of which almost half are found nowhere else on the planet,” he says.

Key area for biodiversity and conservation

There are less than 40 recognised biodiversity hotspots in the world. And the South-West of Western Australia is one of only two such hotspots in Australia. It’s also rated by the World Wildlife Fund as one of the world’s most important areas for biodiversity and conservation. If you visit the Margaret River region in spring, you’ll see why.

Amazing hues of wildflowers on the Track

In total, there are a more than 2,500 species of wildflowers, including the orchids, that decorate the region in vivid colours with their delicate flowers. “The colour range and combinations are amazing,” says Trev. When he’s not hiking the Cape to Cape Track or surfing Margaret River’s epic waves, he’s hunting the forest and coastal paths for orchids. “They’re every colour in the rainbow, from the brightest hues of true blue, lime green, yellow, red, pink, orange, white and mauve. And they have the most amazing shapes and textures.”

Look out for these tiny yet magnificent works of art hiding where you least expect them. In particular, be on the lookout for the splendid spider orchid and giant donkey orchid. They’re just some of the celebrated finds amongst botanical enthusiasts! Although there are wildflowers year round, the best time to be truly amazed at the in ensity and variety of the wildflowers is from August to November.

Best places to see wildflowers and orchids of the Margaret River region

Great places to see the wildflowers, including orchids, are along the coastal walking tracks. Plus near rivers, in the forests and around the caves of the Margaret River area. Different varieties prefer different habitats, from rugged coastal granite to shaded forest loam. Better still, take a guided tour with Cape To Cape Explorer Tours. Our expert guides are trained a spotting the many different species that call this region home.

Click these links to book a guided tour or go self-guided, with logistical support from us. See you on the Track soon!