World renowned Singaporean Playwright and Lawyer walks alone in the south west wilderness on a Self Guided Customised End-to-End Track Experience in June, the coldest winter month of the year.

Talented and unique Ms Eleanor Wong, well known for her intellectual gift for law and another for theatrical words, said that she enjoyed the moods of the weather during her Cape to Cape Track experience.

“It’s been great…it’s been ‘amaaaazing’. Everyday I’ve had some amazing weather….a couple of days of good sun and then yesterday down the stretch with all the rocks (behind Gracetown) with the rain threatening the whole day, just grey like that, and the sea all angry and powerful, was just amazing,” Ms Wong said.

Ms Wong said she was not highly trained hiker having come from a city life, but loved the luxury option of dong the walk this way.

“I am really not a very good or experienced walker at all. I come from Singapore, where it is mostly city, you get driven everywhere and then you sit in an air conditioned place… but I love being out there…with all this great support from Cape to Cape Explorer Tours. When you are out there, you are out there with nothing between you, nothing next you, nothing near you and it’s just you and what’s natural.”

The support from Cape to Cape Explorer Tours enabled Ms Wong to be free from worry on her journey in the wilderness.

“I love the feeling of having not that much of a safety net. I don’t think I am that rash. If you at least don’t get close to the edge, you don’t know where you end,” she said.

Inspired to blog about her travels, her writing is an abstract, but beautiful take on the spectacular hike. Ms Wong used this image and wrote…

 “diamond lines

  dinosaur spines

  shark teeth

  anything but leaves”

 To read this gifted lady’s blog and personal interpretation of the Track please click on the below link…

Eleannor’s Blog

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