High School Graduates Aaron Friedland and  Hillel Solomon, both 17 years old, recently completed the full 7 day  end-to-end Cape to Cape Track walk, supported by the Track specialists Cape to Cape Explorer Tours (CCET).

Aaron and Hillel decided to take on the challenge as they were ‘looking for something inspiring to do after leaving school’ and both had a keen interest in camping and hiking. The decision to take up the Cape to Cape challenge led them to an unforgettable experience and world class views deep in the South West.

The pair were particularly impressed with Conto’s cliffs, Cape to Cape Explorer Tours adopted stretch of the Track from Bob Hollows to Conto’s Beach,  loved camping at the Ellensbrook wilderness site and found it difficult to pick just one highlight location.

“We stopped at Bob Hollows for lunch and stayed for a few hours as it was just amazing” Aaron said. “I’m trying not to sound too cliche, but it’s actually really to hard to pick a favourite spot, the whole track is just incredible.”

Ask what they would do differently next time, they both agreed that they didn’t train enough and recommended ‘strengthening your legs’ before partaking in the adventure walk.

Helping the boys in the planning stages and also to have a safe journey, the youth utilised CCET’s Cape to Cape Track Independent Walkers Package*

Included in the package is a plethora of Track specific information, including CCET’s custom Track notes, phone reception maps, emergency pick up details and essential daily route planners.

The package also includes a safety satellite tracker / EPIRB communication system, and a UV water purifier, which Aaron and Hillel found very valuable on their walk.

“The Steri pen was amazing, it is definitely a good thing to have”, said Hillel. “We used it every day and it saved us having to carry extra water, which really cut down on our pack weight.”

The service features two strategic food and gear drops during the week, which further reduced the pairs pack weight.

Also included in the service is under cover parking of hikers vehicle if required and drop off / pick ups to the start and end of the Track for up to 10 people. Plus hikers receive a complimentary copy of Jane Scott’s Cape to Cape Track guide book and upon successful completion of their experience, the option to purchase a Cape to Cape Track certificate signed by Jane.

Self-guided end-to-end walks occur through out the year and CCET offer a range of services for self guided walkers.

Congratulations to Aaron Friedland and Hillel Solomon for being the youngest independent hikers to complete the entire Cape to Cape Track supported by CCET – fantastic effort!

* The total cost for the Cape to Cape Track Independent Walkers Package package comes to a total of $495 including GST.
To book or for further information please call us on M:0459 452 038 or email E:info@capetocapetours.com.au
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