Trio take on Track at great speed

Anything is possible on the track with the latest accomplishment being Kiwi and Aussie combo Kaz, Rory and Nikki, currently residing in Perth, spending the last five days running the Cape to Cape Track from End to End.

With preparation the key to their success the team averaged 27kms per day in the speedy time of 4 hours.

“It has actually been a lot easier than we thought,” said Nikki.

“I didn’t think we would get to day 5,” she said.

“I think it’s just knowing your own limits,” said Kaz. Knowing what your body can do,” she said.

Taking the hike to anther level, running it rather than walking, it proved to be still enjoyable and injury free.

“It’s been good. Everyday has had its different challenges but overall it’s been a pretty cool adventure,” said Nikki.

Whilst was joking about the highlight being getting to the car at the end of each day one of the real highlights was running from Injidup to Ellensbrook.

“Yesterday was my favourite run,” said Nikki.

“Just a really cool track and it was on the coast for the most of it,” she said.

“Not a lot of uphill sand,” added Kaz.

Their final advice for Cape to Cape Track Self Guided walk…

Preparation and look at your maps everyday.

Super speedy effort Kaz, Nikki and Rory!

The Cape to Cape Track can be a challenging walk at times due to the diversity and nature of the terrain and requires preparation.

Training and fitness are also imperative and Cape to Cape Explorer Tours strongly recommend training regularly for at least 2 months prior to the commencement of the tour and wear  very well-worn-in boot to prevent blisters and injury.

If you would like to take a Cape to Cape Track Self Guided walk or run like these three please call us on M:0459 452 038 or email

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