As you explore the banks of the Margaret River, your expert guide will share with you the fascinating properties of not only the surrounding wildflowers, but also bush plants, the bizarre creatures that dwell in the river (such as the endangered Hairy Marron and the prehistoric vampire fish), and the story behind the failed seduction that gave this town its name.

We begin at the Hairy Marron Cafe (at Rotary Park, just 100m from the Visitors Centre) and head through the old settlement before winding under a forest canopy along the glistening Margaret River, and dipping our toes in the water.  We return to the Hairy Marron Cafe at the end to relax with a coffee or whatever takes your fancy (own cost).


Time:  – 12.30pm. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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This exhilarating three-hour journey begins at the giant Karri tree’s in the Boranup Forest,  viewing the sunset at one of the most stunning vistas on the acclaimed Cape to Cape Track.

Explore the underground wonderland beneath the Boranup Forest via torch light and helmet, while learning about the unique history and geology of an amazing limestone cave famous for its enormous wide open chambers and  adventure sections.


When: Each evening by request.
Time: 5 – 8pm (time subject to variation depending on the sunset and set).

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The experience begins with a guided scenic walk taking in the unique and pristine flora and fauna of the Region on  the Cape to Cape Track, followed by a Vasse Felix winery tour. The Epicurean Tour takes you behind the scenes on winemaking at the estate, sharing unique historical insights into the Margaret River Wine Region, followed by an in-depth tasting of the Vasse Felix Collection. Then a 3 course lunch in Vasse Felix’s outstanding restaurant, and a take home bottle of wine.


When: Monday – Friday by request
Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm

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