Our amazing guide Kristie Bower is tackling an epic 128km Cape to Cape run to commemorate her Dad and raise funds for dementia, Alzheimer’s and neurological science research. And she needs your help to reach her goal of $128,000 for this important and worthwhile cause!

Cape to Cape run the ultimate challenge for courageous Kristie

Most of our hikers would know Kristie for her infectious smile, bubbly personality and great guided treks on the Cape to Cape Track. She specialises in Day 4 of our 8-day guided end-to-end adventures, showcasing the incredible fauna to be found in the Margaret River region.

But now she’s training hard with the aim of running 128km continuously from one end of the Track to the other during the final weekend in March. Her brave feat is all to raise vital funds for dementia research. It’s a topic close to Kristie’s heart after he Dad passed away last year following a battle with the disease.

Kristie’s gruelling run in honour of her Dad

Kristie says she decided on fundraising by running the Cape to Cape Track because “I love running – always have”. “This last decade running has been my outlet to help me process the hard news that my Dad, Ross Banfield, had dementia,” she says.

He was diagnosed in 2011 with a combination of dementia illnesses, all heading toward Alzheimer’s. Last August, Dad passed away aged 75. For 10 years he fought against the disease and I am so grateful for this time. However, watching the ones you love, both Dad and Mum, endure this roller coaster was incredibly hard.

Kristie says her story is not unique. “More and more people are being diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease each year. And I want to be able to do something to try and help stop it.”

Cape to Cape run idea came from guiding on the Track

Courageous Kristie says the idea of running the Cape to Cape Track blossomed from her work as a Track guide. “I work for Cape to Cape Explorer Tours in Margaret River as a track guide. While guiding people along the Track, the idea called out to me of running the whole 128kms from Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse to raise money to try and fight these diseases,” she says.

“So that is what I am going to do! To honour my Dad and every person who has suffered from these terrible diseases. And to raise money to help fight them. There is some fantastic work being done by certain groups, which will make a difference. Please help me by donating as little or as much as you can.”

CLICK THIS LINK to donate and help Kristie reach her goal of raising $128,000. That’s $1000 for every kilometre she plans to run. All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

The amazing organisations to benefit from Cape to Cape run

100 per cent of your donation to Kristie’s cause will go to:

Alzheimer’s WA, which advocates, educates, supports and engages the 41,630 Western Australians living with all types of dementia. The group was “incredibly supportive” to Kristie’s family.

Dementia Australia Research Foundation, where donations will go to provide research grants focused on the diagnosis, management, prevention, delay and cure of dementia.

Perron Institute, a global collaborator and home to one of WA’s most successful research breakthrough teams. At Perron Institute, they’re bringing dedicated researchers and clinicians together to work on a brighter future for people living with neurological conditions. The Brain and Bone Axis Research Team, led by Professor Minghao Zheng is exploring the link between the brain, bones and dementia.

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