Caring for the Cape to Cape Track is at the top of our priority list this year. And as part of looking after Margaret River’s famous hiking trail, the team at Cape to Cape Explorer Tours were out pruning and doing track maintenance recently!

How the Cape to Cape Track is managed

Western Australia’s Parks and Wildlife Service oversee and manage the Cape to Cape Track. But the members of the Friends of the Cape to Cape Track group shoulder a lot of responsibility for regularly pruning so the Track doesn’t become overgrown with vegetation. They also pick up rubbish, check signage and keep an eye on infrastructure like stairs and public toilets.


Cape to Cape Explorer Tours (CCET) is a member of the Friends group. And we’ve also adopted a section of the Track to care for. It spans the Contos Cliffs section to Bobs Hollow, south of Redgate Beach.

Caring for the Cape to Cape Track to give back

“It was hard yakka. But we got several kilometres of the Track pruned nicely. It gives hikers plenty of room to negotiate the trail and take in the stunning views from atop Contos Cliffs,” CCET founder Gene Hardy says. “The team did a great job. This is what it’s all about. We all love walking the Track. And we earn our living from it. So it’s really important we give back as well.”


We were stoked to have veteran Friends member Jane Scott, who is the co-author of the official Cape to Cape Track Guidebook, join us for the pruning session. Jane says it’s always a pleasure being out on the Track on a magic day. And she loves doing her bit to help maintain one of Western Australia’s most loved hiking trails. “It’s good to be able to help. Most of the sections of the Track have got adoptees now, which is really good. Everybody does what they can. The Track is looking really good,” Jane says.


You can help keep the Track clean and pristine by taking all your rubbish with you, sticking to signed walking trails, using designated public toilets, and not removing any shells, flowers or seeds.