Cape to Cape Explorer Tours’ resident biologist Drew McKenzie, was recently asked about the effects of the recent wildfires in the Margaret River region and  how the Cape to Cape Track and vegetation would cope. Here is an excerpt of his answers;

Q: Can I also ask how the track has been affected by the fire?

A: The vegetation surrounding the Cape to Cape Track and some track markers have sustained damage in fire-affected areas. The impacted area is between Ellensbrook and Redgate, a total distance of a just under 20km. The length of the Track is 135km, and about 28% has been affected in some way. Within this area 7km was part of the original DEC controlled burn, a much cooler burn where track markers and taller vegetation are still in place. Fire really is a vital part of the Australian landscape and walkers will be able to see how the vegetation reacts to fire and also how well it regenerates.

Q: How long it will take to recuperate?

Within 4 days of the fire some species had started to resprout. I would expect this resprouting to continue in earnest over the next 6 months and come next autumn, the germination of seed from the soil seed bank should be incredible. I would envisage quite thick vegetation to have returned to most of the coastal landscape within two years; our adopted stretch between Bob’s Hollow and Contos was completely burned out several seasons ago, but looks fantastic now.

Above: Cape to Cape Explorer Tours’ Drew McKenzie addressing a group on a section of the Cape to Cape Track that was completely burnt several year ago.

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