This week Mercedes College students and their Mum’s joined us for three days of Cape to Cape Explorer Tour action.

The 68 participants were split into groups that rotated between diffrerent challenges over a three day program including Abseiling in Boranup Forest, Caving in Giants Cave, Kayaking in the Margaret River Estuary and Team Building Activities at Contos for the Cape to Cape Explorer Tours Challenge Loop Trail.

Although physically challenging it was also a lovely bonding experience for the women and their siblings.

Whilst they all worked together as a team in the groups it was interesting to watch the similiarity’s between the parents and their children.

“Each Mum and child seemed to approach the activities in similar manners,” said Gene Hardy

“All the activities are great for team building but also fantastic for the Mum’s to have an opportunity to experience with their teenage daughters and vice versa.”

“It was a highly successful camp and the ladies and girls were a pleasure to have on tour with us.”

Great Effort Mercedes College. See you again next year!

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