Perth university researcher and outdoors enthusiast Caroline Knight spent a week trail running in Margaret River. And she said her epic run with Cape To Cape Explorer Tours on the 124km Cape to Cape Track over five days was a life-changing experience!


Caroline chose our self-guided 5-day Fast and Furious option, trail running most sections of the Track and walking others. Another Perth hiker, Kate Jutsum, was on the same daily schedule and the pair did some sections of the hike together. And became firm friends in the process! Here is Caroline’s account of her adventure:


Highlights of trail running in Margaret River

“I loved it all… the free feeling of running along empty single track in the sun and in the blustery, wild weather. I love exploring and this track offered very varied views with a diversity of flora and fauna. In addition, I loved the crashing, wild waves. The heathland. The overhanging branches and tunnels created from interwoven trees. I felt like I was stepping through enchanted woods and expected to see a hobbit or too, or at least a gnome, somewhere along the way!

New friends made on the Track

“I really enjoyed the company of Kate, which is why I decided to walk with her on the last two days (aside from the fact I was getting tired and the terrain was not very ‘runnable’ in the later sections). It was great meeting a likeminded person I could share the journey with. I also loved catching up with (other Cape To Cape Explorer Tours hikers) Mark and Jo in the evenings and sharing track notes. They even shared their dinner with me one evening and plied me with red wine, which went down very nicely!


Part off the family at Cape To Cape Explorer Tours

“I really felt everyone was so hospitable and friendly it was like walking into a big family. All the guides were great too – I met Andrew and Megan and Trevor, and I loved how friendly and personable everyone was. I really felt everyone tried to make the experience meet individual needs as much as possible. And there was no drama if plans were changed, river crossings were earlier than expected (!) or someone didn’t follow maps and instructions properly (me, never have been good at either of those!).

Varied terrain for trail running in Margaret River

“Overall, I really loved the last day. It was so varied! The coastline was so natural and craggy. And I loved the blow holes, the beach and the final heathland section before the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse really became visible. It was a delight to finish up at the lighthouse with a great coffee from the cafe and a wonderful view out to sea. Megan soon arrived and we were able to gabble nonstop until she dropped us back at our cars.


“In sum, I had a wonderful experience. All the guides were excellent, friendly and so helpful, and each day was well organised. The communication with the guides was great too, so we could adapt and change plans easily if needed. I loved meeting the others in the resort – Kate, Mark, Jo and I have all agreed to meet up back in Perth and I’m already looking forward to it! The track was fabulous, so varied, lots of wildflowers, and the blustery, wild conditions were really refreshing. The crashing waves and solitude was also wonderfully relaxing and restorative.”


Well done Caroline! We loved having you come hike with us. And your running times were super fast – we were impressed! To book your self-guided adventure over 5 or 7 days, or to book our 3-day trail running experience, click HERE.