When to hike the Cape to Cape Track is a crucial decision when it comes to hiking in Western Australia’s Margaret River region. With so much variations between the seasons, there’s a big difference between what you can expect and how to prepare for hiking in summer, autumn, winter or spring!

Margaret River’s Mediterranean climate

Known for its four distinct seasons, the mild Mediterranean climate not only makes the Margaret River Region a premium wine growing region, but also a year round choice for holiday-makers and hikers.

Each season reveals different aspects to appreciate. In summer the stunning beaches seduce swimmers and kite surfers. In winter, they’re graced with a passing parade of whales. Autumn sees a flurry of arts and wine-inspired events. In spring, the wildflowers put on their own dazzling show.

Autumn bliss for hiking the Cape to Cape Track

Autumn, from March to May, is one of our most popular times of year for hiking. That’s when Margaret River generally experiences lovely sunny and mild days with average maximum temperatures around 20-22 degrees Celcius. Winds are at a minimum. And brisk mornings give way to warmer temps during the day. Come in autumn for perfect hiking weather with lovely light breezes, a glassy ocean and surfers performing on distant waves!

Hiking in winter when the weather is atmospheric

Most of our rainfall occurs in the winter from June to August. During this time our 8-Day Guided End-to-End adventures are on hold. But we still offer some self-guided hiking options and day tours.

In winter, expect mild temperatures that average 16 to 18 degrees Celsius with some days in the early 20s, with conditions being relatively cool and damp. However, the hiking can be spectacular because the Track is uncrowded and the Indian Ocean is often wild and rugged, with plenty of rainbows. We call it our most astmopheric season!

Hiking in spring for a bonanza of colour

Spring is our most popular for hiking on the Cape to Cape Track. It’s when we’re most busy and we run our guided, self-guided and day tours.

Spring, during September through to November, is loved for its abundance of orchids and the spectacular blooming of wildflowers across the entire 124km length of the Cape to Cape TrackWildflowers, whales and warming weather make this an attractive season for hiking!

Hot temps and swimming bliss in summer

The Margaret River region experiences hot, dry summers during December to February. 

In summer, the warm temperatures mean plenty of great swimming opportunities. Expect little rainfall with average maximum temperatures just under 30 degrees Celsius. But hot days are usually cooled off with lovely afternoon sea breezes. Summer evenings are balmy to mild with temperatures around 15.5 degrees Celsius. It can get hot out on the Cape to Cape Track at this time of year, so we recommend an early start and taking plenty of water!

When to hike the Cape to Cape Track is a question that comes down to your preferences. In any season, it’s an epic hike! Why not come multiple times to see it in all its different forms and personalites? Whenever you decide to visit, we’ll see you on the Track soon!