Spring is well and truly here in the Margaret River Region! The beautiful change in season has brought sunshine and wildflowers in abundance! Late August through to late November really is the perfect time of year to get outdoors and experience the true biodiversity of this region. With over 8,500 flora species in the South West, almost everyday there is a new flower presenting itself to walkers along the Cape to Cape Track!

The endemic Caladenia nivalis (Exotic Spider Orchid) is only found in coastal granite outcrops between Cape Naturliste and Moses Rock.

Did you know that not all the plants in this region rely on nutrients from the soil to survive? Over time some species have developed adaptations that allow them to feed on unsuspecting insects! These carnivores have vibrant mucilaginous glands on their leaves that lure in prey and secrete enzymes that ultimately disolve unfortunate insects into a digestible food source for the host.

The insectivorous 'Drosera pallida (Pale Rainbow Sundew)' patiently waits for its feast of insects

Don’t have the time to walk the entire 135km’s of the track? Why not take a look at some of our other self-guided options? We also offer a range of day tours where our local expert guides will enthusiastically give you a taste of the regions natural beauty!