Read on for an informative Q&A with our veteran guide Trev Paddenburg, who discusses the Cape to Cape Track highlights and how to make the most of our your visit to the Margaret River region!

From Queensland to WA with hiking at heart

Q: What’s your earliest bushwalking memory?

A: I grew up in South-East Queensland before moving to Western Australia’s Margaret River Region. And my earliest bushwalking memory is hiking Mount Maroon with my folks. In fact, my dad slipped on some loose gravel, took a tumble and nearly plummeted off a clifftop, except that a grass tree halted his slide just metres from the cliff edge. Phew!
Q: What got your into the walking tour business?
A: After moving to Margaret River, I fell in love with the incredible nature, the secretive orchids, wild coastline and amazing surf that this place is home to. Cape to Cape Explorer Tours are the only local company specialising in hiking adventures on the 124km Cape to Cape Track. And it seemed like a perfect fit. What could be better than swapping an office for the great outdoors? And sharing our amazing nature with a new group of people every week?

Hiking highlights between the capes

Q: Where do you take your clients?

A: We hike the 124km Cape to Cape Track. It stretches between two capes. And traverses a pretty staggering variety of terrain. There’s towering limestone clifftops to granite peaks and bluffs, through inland woodland and coastal heath with spectacular ocean views, with surfers and dolphins riding the waves. The flora and plant life is just mind-blowing. It’s one of around 40 global biodiversity hotspots with more than 3500 unique plant species endemic to just the SW corner of Western Australia.

Q: What’s a highlight of their trip?

A: That’s a tough one. For many people it’s being immersed in rugged and pristine nature. It’s also the challenge of hiking for 5-8 days to walk every step of the Track. For others it’s the great friendships that form on our guided hikes. As I guide, I love to think that the knowledge we share really brings the experience to life for our hikers. Each day has a different theme. There’s geology, marine, flora and biodiversity, fauna, indigenous culture and European history. Personally I love the marine and indigenous days – there is just so much fascinating info to share and yarns to tell!

Carry only a day pack, while we sort the logistics

Q: Why do you love the area you explore

A: Almost everyone has heard of Margaret River, usually because of the amazing wine that’s made here or the epic produce that comes out of the region. I love showing people a different side to the region. It’s one based around nature and the wild places that hiking here can take you. Sometimes you’ll be standing atop a granite tor watching whales frolic just out to sea. Or walking under the towering karri trees in the Boranup Forest spying on a Splendid Fairy Wren. And you have to pinch yourself. It’s about as far from city life as you can get!

Q: Why should someone book a tour in this region rather than DIY?

A: The Cape to Cape Track is pretty rugged and there are sections of soft sand, with no accomodation on the Track. So going solo is possible but it involves camping out and lugging all your own gear. We offer 3-5 day self-guided highlights tours, 5-7 day self-guided end-to-end tours, or our signature 8-day guided end-to-end tour. What it means is you carry only a day pack. And we take care of all the logistics including delicious catering, fabulous central coastal accommodation, daily track transfers to and from the start and finish point of each day’s walk, and maps and safety gear. All you need to do is enjoy the hike with all of your headspace focussed on savouring the experience of hiking the Cape to Cape Track!

And don’t forget to pack a spare pair of shoes…

Q: What’s a bushwalk (here or overseas) you’re yet to do but will one day do?

A: I love hiking in Tassie. The mountains and gorgeous alpine meadows are something we don’t get in WA. I’ve done a fair few hikes there but the Overland Track and Mount Anne circuit are still on the hit-list.

Q: Bushwalking equipment you’d never leave home without?

A: A spare pair of shoes! On the Cape to Cape, we always urge people to bring their hiking boots or trail runners, along with a second, comfortable pair of shoes, usually just a pair of runners. It’s great to be able to give your feet a break. And wear your second pair of shoes on some of the days where the terrain is a bit easier.

Booking details for your Cape to Cape adventure

Book your self-guided adventure on the Cape to Cape Track. Or walk with our expert guides on our 8-Day Guided End-to-End adventure. And we’ll see you on the Track soon!